If you have crystals , then Selenite is a Must!!

By far a favorite piece here at Blended Souls. I have dozens lying around for a quick slice of clarity.

Also named Satin Spar or Gypsm Flower, Selenite has the ability to constantly self-cleanse and recharge itself .

USES :  Wipe the slate clean on your other crystal beauties giving them back their own power to do their job for you.

  • A protective stone, Very calming and soothing

Mulit- purpose crystal that never needs to be cleansed, charged or put out under the full moon, sun  or salt bathed.

Actually, selenite does not like to be wet. It actually wipes the sheen and encourages break down of the stone.

We advise just moonlight if you feel you would like to share the love with your selenite.

Selenite is used for good luck and protection it can also be used to strengthen the memory.

Price is for 1 piece only, selected with love and insight just for you.

All our pieces are cleansed and ready for you to put in your own intentions.

SIZE 6.5cm tall.

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