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White Californian Sage stick – small

Smudging , is one of the most ancient spiritual rituals known to man. If this is your first time, welcome. Your way is the perfect way.

There is no right or wrong.

Most cultures burn, smoke, smudge or purify in some way shape or form as a cleansing process.

We have chosen  White Californian Sage for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Especially in todays environment we need all the help from nature we can get.

I always feel my home is at peace after a good smudging.

Wiping out all those hot emotions , Teenager’s manic mood swings, Work place stress that has been brought home, and  eye roll’s from my Wiener dog- ” Mum’s at it again”.

There is a lot of interesting reads on the web on different ways to cleanse , but however you do this , remember to use a bowl or fire proof plate with some salt in the bottom.

As you go ,this bowl is to catch the embers that may fall . We do not want you to burn your place down!

Abalone Shell- A medium natural sized shell. Not polished. Perfect to catch the ash and embers that fall from your sage. 11cm

Clear Quartz Natural Chunk -ul>

  • Amplifies energy for all positive intentions, this is a powerful piece. Especially if you lack direction or feel lost in life.
  •  A very protective stone, great for clearing away negativity energy, like, say those in-laws , frienimies or the nosy neighbour that wants to keep on coming over .
  • A stone used for manifesting, healing, and guidance, Clear Quartz  loves to work along side other crystals and enhance their energies.
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