Mother Gaia

This beautiful hand painted statue in resin is a delightful ode to our Mother nature. GAIA.

Mother Gaia is Gold in color with embellishments throughout her long flowing hair. The plantation from the forest wraps her arms and legs.
She is beautiful and pregnant with the earth and all things nature. She is our mother and protects all.

The ultimate goddess of maternal power, birthing all forms of landscape, plants and creatures.
She adorns her breasts with the sun and moon, keeping them close to her heart.

Stated by Every Andy Murphy, Jade, amethyst, diamond and even down to the shards of obsidian came from Gaia.
In her love, she creates the most stunning specimens to support and ease our human existence.

A beautiful piece to have in your home, Altar or to use whilst manifesting.

This is the exact piece you will receive.
15cm H


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