Step 1. Choose the crystal that you want to work with. – What is your intention?

Is it love, motivation, cord cutting of those who no longer serve the highest of good in your life?

Lifting anger, depression or toxic habits . These will work to YOUR intentions.

Is it to burn next to you while you’re studying for that major exam, Or do you just need some positive vibes?

These little guys are in travel tins, so you can take them anywhere.  On holidays, in a quiet spot on the beach, camping or even to the cemetery for a memorial candle.

Step 2. Choose your crystal – click on the drop down box and find the one to set whatever intention it is you need, or just the one you are mostly attracted to.

Step 3. Choose a scent or just natural pour. (no scent)

Feel free to either take out your crystal and hold it in your hand , or let it melt into the wax.

Once completed , add it to your collection.

You may want to use it for the New or Full moon and write down what you would like to manifest.

Clear your mind and set your intention.

I’ll give you an example of what you may use one of our intention candles for..

Write down what your intention is.  Exactly . Using positive, direct words.

Make sure you are somewhere quiet, alone ( if you can) , turn off your phone and all noise .

Quiet your mind of chatter.

Focus on the flame and in your mind and heart , feel and see what that intention your setting makes you feel .

Is it getting that new job? What does it look like to you, your expression on your face, how do you feel, see yourself doing that job. What people are around you?

See them encouraging you, empowering you. Lifting you up to be the best you can be.

What are you wearing? Look at your friends and family how proud they are of you. Feel pride in your heart.

This is just a guide, to get your thought process churning.

All our Crystals are chosen with love and sent off to you with insight and positive vibes.



Manifestation travel tins

Everyone loves Candles – Especially with a long lasting scent, that fills your sacred space with peace and harmony .

Our Crystal intention travel tin candle , is just that. .. Natural Soy wax, scented and poured here in Sydney, Australia.

As a result of our small batch pouring. we have high quality, long lasting scent throw.

In other words, they smell so good you want to eat them !

Our products have been sourced especially for their properties and in line with our companies values.

For example, we are passionate about keeping out footprint as light as possible, most importantly caring for mother nature and all her blessings.

*No animal testing


*Clean Burn

*Natural Cotton Wicks

*Australian owner and  Supplier.

Above all, these are light enough to take anywhere with you.

FACTS: Candles have a memory!

Make sure you have at least an hour to burn your new treasure, so that the wax can melt right to the edges, creating a “melt pool”. If you do this right the first time it will help you to have a fabulous burn every time and your candle will be less likely to tunnel and waste half the wax up the sides. Cut your wick before every burn.

Firstly, this ensures that the wick is fresh and does not have  that” burnt mushroom look” that most wicks get, being able let the beautiful aroma float around your space and into your senses.

Price is for 1 Candle.

Choose a drop down box for the scent of your choice.

Check out our Crystal range and we can customize your candle!

Additional information

Weight0.135 kg
Crystal Type

Amethyst, Black Obsidian Spear, Clear Quartz Geode, Opalite


Black Sugar Raspberry, Japanese Honeysuckle, No Scent, Peony & Lychee, Tahitian Vanilla


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