These decadent Crystal melts add a shimmer to your shine every time you pop one into your burner.

As the wax melts, your Crystal chips sparkle and dance  whilst throwing off that positive energetic vibe into your space.

Choose from a range of Crystals that we have put together for their properties and abilities to work together.

Our Crystals have been cleansed prior with positive intentions set into preparation.

These magnificent little chips  can be kept once wax has melted for you  to continue to admire.

Rinse them off in warm salt water.

Enjoy , my lovelies.

Purchase is for 1 pack with 8 x Crystal infused melt pods.


This batch has been scented with Tahitian Vanilla, one of our most popular scents.

Drop us a quick email if you would like a particular scent or for us to use 100% essential oil instead.

**For special orders, a minimum of 3 Crystal infused melts must be purchased.**





Everyone loves Candles – Especially with a long lasting scent, that fills your sacred space with peace and harmony .

Our Crystal intention travel tin candle , is just that. .. Natural Soy wax, scented and poured here in Sydney, Australia.

As a result of our small batch pouring. we have high quality, long lasting scent throw.

In other words, they smell so good you want to eat them !

Our products have been sourced especially for their properties and in line with our companies values.

For example, we are passionate about keeping out footprint as light as possible, most importantly caring for mother nature and all her blessings.

*No animal testing


*Clean Burn

*Australian owner and  Supplier.

Above all, these are light enough to take anywhere with you.

Additional information

Chip wicks

Amethyst + Rose Quartz, Amethyst + Rose Quartz + Clear Quartz, Carnelian + Clear Quartz, Lapis Lazuli + Clear Quartz, Tigers eye + Black Tourmaline, Turquiose howlite + Clear Quartz