Stone of Abundance, luck, and sensational vibes.

Attracts wealth and prosperity. Show me the MONEY!

Success in business and building empires. – That includes running a tight ship at home as well!

Powerful healing crystal for partnerships and business relationships.

Confidence booster, which in turn drives a positive spin on your metal health.

Stones of yellow like Citrine bring Joy , happiness and freedom to allow yourself to feel fabulous.


Citrine in it’s natural form is light yellow, sometimes a pale greenish color.
Also can be heat treated Amethyst, ranging from light yellow to dark amber colors.
But saying that, no matter the color the powerful properties of Citrine are one of the most sort after stones in the world.

Stunningly beautiful with crystal rainbows within the golden flecks of luck , abundance and joy.

Price is for 1 Piece

Chosen for you, with love and insight by us.


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