• Celestite is often associated with divine power.
• Helps ease the soul into a state of peaceful awareness.
• Allows to connect deeply with one’s intuition. Good meditation crystal.
• Great to place in a bedroom and helps with restful sleep.
• Celestite is an amazing high vibration Crystal.
• These are sensational color. One off piece. If you are drawn to a particular piece. GET IT! or it will be gone.
• They do not like to get wet, so look after your angel piece and she will bring you love and peace forever.

  • Length:6cm


Know that your angels are around you and they are loving this piece as much as you do as this piece helps you connect to those loved ones who have passed over.

Shapes enhance the power of your crystals. Different shapes direct your crystals energy into desired directions.

This piece has been carved into an egg shape- known for fertility , femininity and birth.
This shape is known for assisting to find imbalanced energy within your body.

Additional information

Weight0.217 kg
Dimensions6 × 5 × 3 cm