Everyone loves Candles – Especially with a long lasting scent, that fills your sacred space with peace and harmony .

Handmade and poured right here in Sydney, Australia, our gorgeous crystal infused candles come in a frosted glass jar that looks great anywhere you place it.

It is made with 100 % Soy wax , Vegan and has a 90hr+ clean burn time.

FACTS: Candles have a memory!

Make sure you have at least an hour to burn your new treasure, so that the wax can melt right to the edges, creating a “melt pool”. If you do this right the first time it will help you to have a fabulous burn every time and your candle will be less likely to tunnel and waste half the wax up the sides. Cut your wick before every burn. This ensures that the wick is fresh of that ” burnt mushroom look” that most wicks get and thus, being able let the beautiful aroma float around your space and into your senses. Click onto the drop-down box to choose the Crystal for your intention.

Crystal: Amethyst Custer

Scent : Black Sugar Raspberry.

All candles sold are Amethyst crystal cluster, in similar size and weight to the photograph.



These stunning Cluster candles are handmade with the scent of your choice.
Beautiful quality clusters ,ready to work your set intentions for you.
Perfect gift or for yourself.

2 or 3 wick , Scent and Crystal are your choice.

Enjoy the aroma in your beautiful home.