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  • Amethyst Point 2


    Amethyst is the all healer of plants, people and pets

    Amethyst is useful for addictions and toxic behaviors

    Protects you from being psychically attacked- What does this mean ?
    Well it’s not just the witchy kind. It can be innocent as well. Say you have someone in your life, jealous of your success or resentful. Angry at their own self for not lifting their game.
    It could be anger at you through missed information passed on by secret squirrel gossip.
    Those that put out negativity into the universe against you , are basically psychic attacks.

    Amethyst cleanses out aura of any negative energy or energy blocks.
    Think of a place of protection, in your own bubble of allowing you to feel safe and centered while opening yourself to a higher spiritual awareness and enlightenment.

    Metaphysically healing for headaches, tension and sleep deprived new mums, stressed dads or children with over active imaginations

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