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    • Intensifies Libido
    • High energy stone
    • Enhance chakra flow through all vital points in the body
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    • Smokey Quartz gently neutralises negative vibrations
    • Protection stone, it brings emotional calmness
    • Helps with creativity in business
    • A master piece, perfect for cleansing.

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    • Replaces emotion with logic to calm panic attacks and stress.
    • Enhances self-esteem, Self-acceptance, and self-trust.
    • Helps to clear and see the truth with any situation.
    • Great for helping to verbalise feelings.
    • Can also help to prevent Insomnia.
    • Calms the mind of overthinking

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    • Stone of protection
    • Useful in fear and anxiety
    • A focus mind, clarity and problem solving.
    • Willpower and self-courage

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    • This Crystal is great for relieving stress in a powerful way
    • It is a healer Stone, particularly good for speeding up the wellness process
    • This stone also attracts abundance in all forms it is great for protection and helps with being grounded.Listing is for 1 piece
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    • Helps with Addictive behaviours
    • Great for relieving stress also helps with sleep
    • Helps remove any emotional blockages
    • Supports Spirituality and Psychic abilities
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    • Helps you follow your heart.
    • Overrides the energy of the ego. – stop being a dick!
    • Helps release built up anger and creates a balance with emotion.
    • Helps clear the mind and to think level-headed.
    • Clears negative and repetitive thoughts.
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  • White Howlite Tumbled

    • Calms the state of mind and emotions, provides support in releasing attachments to old emotional pain.
    • Eases stress and anxiety
    • Howlite helps with patience and encourages emotional expression

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  • Wood wicked Soy wax candles

    WOOD WICKS – 100% Soy Wax 90-100hr Burn


    Everyone loves Candles – Especially with a long lasting scent, that fills your sacred space with peace and harmony .

    Remember the smell of Musk Stick Lollies??

    These yummy  Candles have a fabulous wooden wick, that crackles as it burns throwing off the scent into the whole room ..

    Handmade and poured right here in Sydney, Australia, our gorgeous Wood Wick candles come in a frosted glass jar that looks great anywhere you place it.

    It is made with 100 % Soy wax , Vegan and has a 90hr+ clean burn time.

    Price is for 1 candle only .

    FACTS: Candles have a memory!

    Make sure you have at least an hour to burn your new treasure, so that the wax can melt right to the edges, creating a “melt pool”. If you do this right the first time it will help you to have a fabulous burn every time and your candle will be less likely to tunnel and waste half the wax up the sides. Cut your wick before every burn. This ensures that the wick is fresh of that ” burnt mushroom look” that most wicks get and thus, being able let the beautiful aroma float around your space and into your senses.


    Scent : Musk Sticks


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