Palm & Worry Stones

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    These beautiful palm stones are mini in size compared to an average palm stone.
    Although not mini in healing properties or quality.

    Perfect piece for your bra or pocket
    Hand carved , these pieces are great for jewelry making or in a macramé necklace.

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    Stone of Kindness and protection
    Helps to guide you on new pathway’s with encouragement
    Bringer of light and spiritual awakening
    Ignites your imagination.
    Stone of psychic connection and magical enlightenment.

    Price is for one Palm stone.

    Madagascar .

    Chosen by us , packed with love and insight ready for your set intentions.

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    Palm Stones are a great flat piece to hold for intention , pop into your bra or use in gridding.


      “She made broken look beautiful and strong look invincible . She walked with the universe on her shoulders , and made it look like a pair of wings”.

    • Stone of Courage, Truth and Hope
    • Dispelling negative energy, before the boiling and bubbling anger and anxiety spills over into your psyche and then, into those around you.
    •  Amazonite helps to relieve those toxic emotions . We all know the feeling of stress and burden and trying to make it through the day without loosing your shit!
    • Wearing Amazonite  provides the freedom to express feelings and thoughts like the warrior you are, but with class baby –  Nasty looks good on no one.
    • Great piece  to see both sides of a situation.
    • Soothes emotional trauma from both past and present lives
    • Assists in manifesting universal Love.

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    • Amethyst relieves stress soothes irritability and can balance mood swings.
    • This crystal is great for anxiety and protection.
    • Abundance, wealth
    • Opens intuition and enhances psychic abilities.

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    • Blue Howlite is believed to strengthen our ability to protect and heal ourselves.
    • Perfect for meditation
    • Enhances communication.
    • Great piece for remembering your dreams
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    • Blue Goldstone is a positive stone for goal setting and achieving them!
    • Great for reducing nerves, as most blue crystals do, although this one them where you can focus.
    • A stone for confidence, ambition also encouraging motivation and drive- great for students and studying big exams.

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  • Inspirational Stones


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    • Increases emotional Stability and Strength, Opening the heart to receive love in return
    • It helps you to focus and centred
    • It is a stone of protection, comfort, peace, and tranquillity
    • It can help break down those walls you’ve built up around your heart !

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    • If you have crystals , then Selenite is a Must!!
    • By far a favourite piece here at Blended Souls.
    • Also named Satin Spar or Gypsm Flower, Selenite has the ability to constantly self-cleanse and recharge itself .
    • Also used to wipe the slate clean on your other crystal beauties giving them back their own power to do their job for you.
    • Uses for this pretty, hypnotic piece are endless, especially to increase your energy levels. It can also be used to strengthen your memory, which is great for those days when your head is in the clouds or seriously, your just feeling bitchy vibes and need to pull your head in a little. Yikes!
    • With the ability to calm the mind after you’ve calmed down the chatter going on up there, Selenite is a great piece for meditation and sleep , bringing forth mental clarity and a little Namaste.
    • Palm Pillows are approximately  2-3cm and perfect to hold in your palm, pocket, bra or for your Nan’s handbag.
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